Buteman reader’s warning over new phone scam

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BUTEMAN reader Fay Davidson has asked us to spread word of the latest attempt to scam unsuspecting members of the public into giving their bank details to strangers over the phone.

Fay called us on Friday afternoon to let us know that she had, in her words, “very, very nearly” been tricked into giving her details to a cold caller.

“I got a call from a withheld number,” Fay told us, “and he asked for my name and said he believed I’d been paying an insurance premium for my Sky TV equipment.

“He said I’d been paying too much, at £8 a month, and it was going down to £5. Then he asked what bank I banked with, and when I said I was with Lloyds TSB, he read out the first four digits of my card number. “That’s when I started to get suspicious – I thought if you already know I’ve been paying this money, surely you should know what bank I’m with.

“He asked me for the other 12 digits on my card, and then I thought ‘hang on, I’ve never taken out insurance for my Sky equipment’ – my home contents insurance covers it.

“So I told him there was someone at the door and I’d have to hang up. But he sounded very plausible, and I very, very nearly gave him the details he was after.”

Communications regulator Ofcom advises that if you receive a cold call and you suspect it may be fraudulent, you should:

- not give out any personal or bank details;

- call your service provider’s nuisance call bureau to see if the call can be traced.

If it can, pass on details to Ofcom’s advisory team on 0300 123 3333 or Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.

If you have already given out personal details, you should:

- call your bank immediately to let them know about the scam and to cancel your credit card or change your bank details;

- ask your bank to try and trace the payment;

- and if you get any details, let Ofcom or Consumer Direct know on the numbers above.