Bute woman overwhelmed by stranger’s kind act

Doreen with her late husband Brian, who died in July.
Doreen with her late husband Brian, who died in July.

A recently-widowed woman based on Bute who was left overwhelmed by an act of kindness by two strangers is hoping to express her thanks for their generosity.

Doreen Jacques, 72, contacted the Buteman last week to try and get in touch with two women she met at the Rotary Club of Rothesay’s car boot sale, held on Sunday, September 3.

Doreen had a pitch at the sale selling things that belonged to her late husband Brian, who passed away in July only two weeks after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Brian was a sailing enthusiast before his illness and the couple owned multiple boats together.

Their daughter lives in England and looks after abused animals.

Doreen told the Buteman her story: “The car boot sale was less than seven weeks after losing my husband, so it was a rather emotional day for me.

“I got talking to two sisters who also had a pitch at the sale, and I bought a horse blanket from them for my daughter’s rescue horses in England.

“Jeni lives near Coventry and takes in horses to look after them, some of which have suffered abuse.

“She is looking after seven of them at the moment, mostly cobs.”

Doreen and Brian met when both were in the army and they retired to Bute in 2005.

After Brian’s sudden death, Doreen had to organise selling or passing on things that belonged to him.

She went on: “Tthese lovely ladies at the sale donated what was left of their horse equipment afterwards to my daughter.

“The gift included a saddle and other items.

“My daughter was overcome with their generosity and it left me in tears.

“They even gave me a lift back home and helped me carry all the things they had given me.

“I never even thought to ask their names.

“I was just overwhelmed.

“There really are some lovely people in this world.”

Doreen and Brian’s son will travel to Bute to collect the equipment, and then deliver it to Jeni in the West Midlands.