Bute visitor’s comments ‘not fair’

Our recent articles on a visitor’s negative view of the island following a visit have sparked a great deal of debate both online and in print.

This week’s Buteman features two letters from readers who have a somewhat different view.

Mr and Mrs Young from Littlehamptom told us: “I’ve never written to a newspaper before, but having read the comments of a visitor to the island in The Buteman, I thought, hang on a minute, that’s not really fair.

“Negative comments. Yes, they were quite right on some comments. As a visitor the first impression is all important, and Guildford Square needs, at the very least, a lick of paint. I don’t really care who owns the properties or their circumstances, just get it tidied up.

“Regarding the Pavilion, if the money is coming into place, then don’t hang about, get things moving. This iconic building is surely a jewel in the crown for Bute and will visually ‘hit’ the first time visitor as they approach on the ferry (CalMac, sort your prices out, you are killing vistor trade). First impressions are all important, and you need to see things through someone else’s eyes. The art deco style of the Pavillion is something really special and needs to be embraced.

“I visit the island to see relatives and always enjoy the experience. So reading that ‘Bute has nothing to offer’ is not really true. It all depends what you are looking for.

“Living, as I do on the south coast of England, I understand how difficult things can be to attract visitors and keep them coming back.

“One thing I have learnt from visits to Bute is the quality of customer service, friendliness, product knowledge, and general good nature of people, (even the policeman that nearly gave me a ticket, my fault!).

“So be proud of yourselves and your island, but always look to see how it can be better. None of us can rest on our laurels.”

Julie Mullarkey from Cumbernauld wrote: “I was saddened to read the article on page two of this week’s Buteman as me and my family have enjoyed holidaying here since my two boys were toddlers – they are now 20 and 18 years old and still love to come here.

“My ‘knee-jerk’ reaction was to wonder if the accommodation owner had not provided details of places of interest, places to go for advice, free leaflets that advertise shops, hotels, restaurants, etc?

“I do realise that prices are usually higher here than on the mainland but we shop about and bring food with us.

“It’s a shame that the Co-op has a monopoly on the island. I believe this island was more or less self-sufficient at one time. There is definitely enough people here for that to happen again but would also need a fair amount of money spent to start that again.”

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