Bute takes the lead on waste reduction drive

One of the events that took place was a sale at the ReStyle shop on Montague Street.
One of the events that took place was a sale at the ReStyle shop on Montague Street.
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Fyne Futures led the way in Bute’s participation in the European Week of Waste Reduction, a Europe-wide initiative that took place last month.

The drive to raise awareness of various methods of waste reduction and recycling took place between November 18 and 26.

The initiative is made up of a number of events organised by different people, organisations and groups.

Bute itself held eleven of Scotland’s 16 events, and Fyne Futures proudly declared Bute a ‘waste aware island’.

Events included furniture repair demonstrations, composting training, show and tell sessions and more .

Sandy Ogilvie of Fyne Futures, said: “There has been everything from site tours to in-store presentations of the preparation work they do.

“The master composter training day was well attended and well received, with many of the people taking part braving the weather to learn the science behind composting.

“The ‘show and tell’ at the recycling centre introduced people attending to the different types of waste that can and can’t be recycled on Bute, the reasons for this and the way we handle and manually sort everything we receive.

“But it has not only been Fyne Futures that have been involved. Oxfam, Cancer Research and Calum’s Cabin have all been getting involved too.

“The three charity shops have teamed up to take collections of children’s books which can then be passed to local schools.

“It is hoped that these donations will help form two new school libraries.”