Bute success at Royal Highland Show

Mill Clydesdales, Heavy Horse Champions at the 2016 Royal Highland Show. (Photo by Keriin McMillan)
Mill Clydesdales, Heavy Horse Champions at the 2016 Royal Highland Show. (Photo by Keriin McMillan)

Greenan Mill Clydesdales once again had great results at this year’s Royal Highland Show at Ingilston.

John M. McMillan and family, with a team of helpers from both on and off the island, competed and were successful at this, the largest and most prestigious agricultural show in the UK.

The show started off on Thursday, June 23, with son Brian getting a second place in the yearling filly class showing Mill Duchess Kate. Mill Wull took sixth place from a large entry in the single cart class and he was used along with Mill Jack, Wallace and Keriin in the team of four on Friday night, getting placed second.

The Unicorn class, (a horse out front with two behind, side by side, forming a team of three,) won this very difficult class on Friday. The magnificent Mill Jack was the lead horse with Wallace and Keriin completing this winning team.

Much cleaning of horses, cart and harness for Saturday saw a third place in the pairs class, and daughter Fiona and grandson Andrew, (in his first outing here), gained much experience in the stud cart driving class.

Andrew had success in the Young Stockman class gaining second place and fifth in the Young Handlers Final, both events taking place on the Sunday morning.

The Sunday lunch-time competition was for the championship in all the Heavy Horse turn out classes.

Having won with the Unicorn formation, Jock McMillan drove the same team to a fantastic first place, and for the second year in a row, they won the overall Heavy Horse Championship. This is a fantastic feat winning this top award two years running.

The Unicorn team of horses and cart could be seen on the Landward TV program with a nice close up of the cart displaying the name, Mill Clydesdales, Isle of Bute; raising the profile of the island and increasing the reputation of John McMillan and family with their unique team of horses and horsemanship.

Well done to all concerned.