Bute resident warns about ‘erroneous transfers’

A Bute resident has notified The Buteman after her electricity supplier got in touch to say they were sorry she was moving to a new provider – despite the fact she wasn’t.

The lady, who has asked not to be named, told us that she received a letter from her supplier which stated, ‘We’re sorry you’re leaving us’. She got in touch with the company and explained she was not leaving, but received a further letter which stated ‘We’re sorry you’ve left us’.

After speaking with a customer support operator with the firm, it was explained that the problem may have been due to an ‘erroneous transfer’, which means a customer has been switched to a new supplier without their consent. This can happen for any number of reasons, such as a genuine mistake on the supplier’s part, a mix-up about a property’s address, or through being misled by a salesperson.

“The company couldn’t have been more helpful,” she told us. “Their customer support operators were exemplary, but I just want to warn people about this.

“It could be easy to think that this was a scam – especially since I knew I hadn’t taken any steps to switch providers – and ignore the letters.”