Bute Noir presents... G. J. Brown

Author G. J. Brown will be appearing at Bute Noir: Crime Writing Festival on August 5-6.
Author G. J. Brown will be appearing at Bute Noir: Crime Writing Festival on August 5-6.

Billed to appear at next month’s inaugural Bute Noir: Crime Writing Festival is author G. J. Brown.

Gordon began his writing career at a young age, sneaking in the odd short story when the teacher wasn’t look, although his first major attempt at writing came on the back of a trip to Crete.

“I was on holiday with friends, back in my early twenties. I spotted a lad with a backpack in the middle of nowhere. He was miles from civilisation (well as miles from civilisation as you can get in Crete) and looked a little worse the wear. I was strap hanging off the back of a jeep and my mind starts to whir. That night I borrowed an order pad from a the Greek restaurant, and started writing.

‘The Machine’, a novel and a tribute to one of my heroes, Stephen King, began.

“In order to finish it I migrated from the order pad to a battered old jotter, then to some spare sheets of paper lying around the holiday apartment.

“When I got home I kept going. More jotters, more spare sheets of paper. The finished novel has lain in that suitcase for some three decades.

“And so a cycle was born. I’d write, mainly short stories, and file them. Occasionally a novel would sneak out. Only to be buried with the rest. There are at least three complete novels that I know off, and a few false starts.”

To find out more about Gordon, visit his website.

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