Bute link in Denmark woman’s search

Boile Christiansen is second from right (wearing a hat). Alice Christiansen (nee Young) and Edna Elizabeth Christiansen sit in front of Boile.
Boile Christiansen is second from right (wearing a hat). Alice Christiansen (nee Young) and Edna Elizabeth Christiansen sit in front of Boile.

A reader has been in touch to appeal for further information about her late grandmother who had a connection to Bute.

As we recently reported, Susan Laursen, who lives in Denmark, is trying to find out more information about her grandmother, Alice Young, and her grandmother’s sister, Elizabeth Mackie (nee Young).

Susan tells us: “Alice Young was possibly born in Shanghai (or another port in China, such as Hong Kong) in 1883 or 1884, and she died in Hong Kong on 2 July 1929. Her parents were Samuel Young (born in Paisley in 1840) and Annie Yashama or Ayinger. I do not know where on where Samuel and Annie were married. Also, I do not know when or where Annie was born and died.

“Alice moved from Scotland to Shanghai or Hong Kong, where she met and married my Danish grandfather, Boile Christiansen, a railway engineer. He was also a consul in Hong Kong.

“They had a daughter (my mother), Edna Elizabeth Christiansen, who was born on November 1, 1911 in Hong Kong, and who died in Denmark on May 24, 1970. My grandfather was born in Denmark on February 16, 1873, and died in Hong Kong on 11 November 1922.

“I know all about my grandfather, but very little about my grandmother.

“I believe that my grandmother had a sister called Elizabeth (born in Shanghai in 1873/4), who lived at Port Bannatyne on Bute. Elizabeth also lived in Glasgow (in Onslow Drive, Calderwood Road and Winston Avenue) from around 1891 to 1918. Elizabeth was married to William Moon Mackie, a poultry farmer, and her maiden surname was Young. They were married in Glasgow on March 23, 1918. But I am not 100 percent sure that Elizabeth was Alice’s sister.

“Elizabeth Mackie died in 1950, aged 77, and William Moon Mackie died in 1963, aged 84. When Elizabeth died, her address was 17 Castle Street, Port Bannatyne, and William’s address when he died was Thomson Home, Rothesay.

“I think the couple also had connections to an address called Ettrick Bank, Port Bannatyne, in North Bute - I think they lived there between 1925 and 1930. I am trying to find relatives or friends of Elizabeth and William Moon Mackie, so that I can, in turn, find out more about my grandmother, Alice.

Elizabeth also had an aunt and uncle with connections to Bute.

Her uncle, Alexander Young (1913) died on Bute in 1913 while on a visit from his home in Calderwood Road, Glasgow.

Alexander’s wife Louisa (nee Duncan) moved to Bute after Alexander died and lived at Gladstone Place in Rothesay. Louisa Young died on Bute in 1933 at 18 Battery Place, Rothesay.

“I think my mother also had a cousin called Charles Young. From 1958 to 1969, I think the Young family lived at 35 Brookdene Drive Hillingdon in the London borough of Hillingdon.

“There was a Charles Young, a Jonathan Young and a Mrs. Minnie Young (the wife of Charles), but I know very little about this family, except that they also had a connections to Scotland and China (Mrs. M. Young lived in Shanghai).

“If I could learn more about the Young family, that might also help me to solve this mystery. In particular, I am looking to find out who Charles Young’s father was.

“I have a photograph of my grandfather, grandmother and mother, which was taken in Shen Lung, South China, in around 1912. Perhaps someone out there has the same photo in their collection?”

If you can help Susan in her search for information you can contact her directly by emailing poulogsusan@gmail.com.