Bute joins One Billion Rising

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It may have been cold and pouring with rain but yesterday – Thursday, February 14 - around 25 hardy souls braved the dismal weather to come together in Guildford Square at 12 noon as part of the global One Billion Rising campaign, writes Kaz Molloy.

Ages ranged from around nine months to over 70, and there were even a couple of lovely men who joined the event.

The global movement is spearheaded by the V Day charity, started by playwright and campaigner Eve Ensler of Vagina Monologues fame.

February 14 was V-Day’s 15th anniversary and it was marked by events around the world; almost every country took part. There were over 200 events held across the UK and Bute was one of them.

According to the United Nations One in three women in the world - one billion in total – are victims of abuse or violence at some point in their lifetime.

The One Billion Rising campaign gave ordinary women across the planet a chance to come together and make a stand over the issue of the inequalities that they face around the world.