Bute housing association launches new repairs service

The start of the new financial year has seen the establishment of a new in-house repairs service by Argyll Community Housing Association (ACHA).

ACHA has established a subsidiary company Argyll Homes For All (AHFA) to carry out day-to-day repairs, cyclical maintenance and servicing within the landlords 5100 homes across Argyll and Bute.

AHFA has been given a three year contract to deliver these services on behalf of the association to its tenants. The new subsidiary will have staff and tradesmen located throughout Argyll and Bute providing services in jointly branded vehicles.

Alastair MacGregor, Chief Executive of ACHA commented: “After a year in the making I am pleased that Argyll Homes For All is now up and running and providing a range of repairs and maintenance services under contract to the Association. I hope that our tenants will get an excellent service and good value for money in the arrangements.”

He further added: “This is a very exciting time in the Association’s development and I hope our new repairs subsidiary will rise to the task and be able to expand its services both to ACHA and others over the next few years.”

Argyll Homes For All (AHFA) has appointed John Forbes as its Managing Director.

He commented: “I believe there are tremendous opportunities available to Argyll Homes For All under this agreement. We look forward to delivering an excellent service and developing strong relationships with Argyll Community Housing Association over the coming months and years. We aim to broaden the services currently offered and in time roll out our activities to a wider audience.“