Bute Flower Club goes back to school

The 'Back to School' floral displays at the most recent meeting of Bute Flower Club.
The 'Back to School' floral displays at the most recent meeting of Bute Flower Club.

Bute Flower Club resumed its winter programme in Trinity Large Hall on Monday, February 23.

An excellent turnout of members heard President Ella Crawford introduce the speaker for the evening - her son Mark.

Mark, although not resident on the island, is a member of the club and has achieved considerable status in the world of floral art by becoming a SAFAS judge. He has now embarked on a further course of study to become an accredited demonstrator.

The title of Mark’s talk was “Back to School” and he cleverly - and humorously - stuck to this theme by linking his arrangements to school subjects, even to the extent of ringing a bell to signal the end of each “period”. He took his audience through Biology, Maths, Geography, Modern Studies and Drama, using skilfully constructed frameworks to set off an amazing variety of foliage and flowers. Particularly memorable was his use of a beautiful rose called Cherry Brandy which was included in several arrangements.

The “subject” which caused most mirth, however, was Modern Studies where three brave volunteers came out to be “taught”. In a remarkably short space of time all three had produced striking arrangements each in a glass fish bowl complete with lighting which they proudly carried home at the end of the night.

In her vote of thanks Gladys Bustin remarked particularly on Mark’s ability to enhance his arrangements by his use of frameworks. She thanked him most warmly for an enormous amount of effort which had been greatly appreciated by his audience.

The evening concluded with tea and coffee.

The next meeting of the club - which sees Elle Crawford as demonstrator - will be on Monday, March 28, in Trinity Large Hall at 7.30pm.