Bute Cadet in target shooting course

Balaklava Company Shooting Team, with Matthew Daniels (back, right).
Balaklava Company Shooting Team, with Matthew Daniels (back, right).

Bisley in Surrey has been the home of target shooting in the United Kingdom since 1890, and a Bute army cadet has taken the first step to competing there in July.

On Saturday, January 25, Matthew Daniels (pictured) fired the full-bore army rifle the L98A2 on the outdoor barrack range at Dechmont near East Kilbride. On the Sunday it was the turn of the .22inch No8 Rifle on the Indoor Range at Ayr.

The ‘top shots’ will now train together under the Shooting Officer, Staff Sergeant Kris Fearon and his team of safety supervisors and coaches. The next round will be the Scottish District Shoot at Barry Buddon near Dundee in April, where a team of eight and two reserves is needed.

If the District Shoot goes well, it is off to Bisley for the ten-day Cadet Force Target Shooting Meeting in July.

Staff Sergeant Fearon said; “I was impressed with the standard of marksmanship and the confidence of some quite junior cadets in handling a rifle on the range. I do believe we have the makings of a competitive team this year.”