Bute Advice Centre saved

The future of Bute Advice Centre has been assured with a £293,309 award from the Big Lottery Fund, providing the company with financial security for the next three years.

Of the many applicants for funding, only 12 were successful – and Bute Advice was one of them, taking a share of the £5.9 million Lottery windfall.

The centre, which has relied on the goodwill of the community for the past nine months to continue its work providing the financial advice service for disadvantaged older people, disabled people, carers and lone parent families, which is so desperately needed on Bute.

Last year, single mum Linda Stillie from Rothesay contacted the advice centre as she was finding it increasingly hard to cope with the monthly struggle to make ends meet.

Linda said: “I would have lost my house if it wasn’t for the advice centre. I was struggling to cope every month and had too many direct debits.

“The centre helped me to work through my finances and helped me to deal with my gas and electricity bills. Now, a year on, I am in a different place and have been in employment for nine months.

“I can’t say enough good things about the advice centre, they don’t just help you deal with your debt, they give you back your confidence as well as the security of knowing they are always there to give you a helping hand when you need it.”

Manager of Bute Advice Centre, Gordon Sutherland said: “This funding will give us financial security during the next three years and allow us to continue the valuable work of providing necessary assistance to a wide variety of clients who require our services within the community of Bute.

“We are deeply committed to our clientèle and I can confidently say that our gratitude to the Big Lottery Fund is echoed by all those whom we have helped in the past and will help in the future.”