Bute Advice Centre offer support for those affected by ‘bedroom tax’

Bute Advice Centre have been made aware that Govan Law Centre have created a Housing and Council Tax Dispute Form for those affected by the bedroom tax.

If an individual wishes to challenge a bedroom tax decision they have one month to do so. The month is calculated from the date the council wrote to them saying their housing benefit was going to reduce, as they are under occupying and have a spare room(s).

You can only appeal late if you have a good reason, for example, you have been ill. It is possible to challenge the cut in tenants housing benefit. If clients do want to challenge the council’s decision then they need to complete a Dispute Form and have it sent to the local revenue and benefits office.

Free advice and assistance regarding this matter is offered by Bute Advice Centre, and guidance notes and forms can be provided for those who wish to complete the forms themselves, or an adviser can assist with form filling if needed.