Tech firm wins Argyll and Bute local info contract

Argyll and Bute Council's HQ at Kilmory Castle in Lochgilphead.
Argyll and Bute Council's HQ at Kilmory Castle in Lochgilphead.

Innovative location-based technology company forWhereiAm has been awarded a key contract by Argyll and Bute Council following a successful pilot project.

The council will now keep its service users informed of topical events from road closures to local job opportunities with the ground-breaking forWhereiAm information tool.

forWhereiAm’s platform enables hyper-local information to be broadcast to the public through the council’s digital services; meaning a user can get their information through their desktop, laptop or mobile device, whenever and wherever they want it.

Robert Miller, Argyll and Bute’s Customer Service Manager said: “The council is continuously seeking better ways to deliver our services to meet the varied needs of the population so teaming up with forWhereiAm makes perfect sense.

“It is vital that visitors to our website find what they need as easily as possible and forWhereiAm lets us show all the topical information happening around their location.

“The trial proved that forWhereiAm makes sure the maximum number of people see the information we provide and stops them having search around the website or contact us to get it. Hence it provides better customer service and lets us focus scarce resources on complex enquiries.”

forWhereiAm is the brainchild of Edinburgh-based computing and electronics engineer Dr Nazish Aslam. It harnesses a real time message broadcast network that connects organisations directly to service users with accurate, location specific dynamic information.

Its enabling technology for web applications has been specifically designed to ensure that only information of relevance reaches users, based on where they are, down to the exact postcode.

Its creator, Dr Nazish Aslam said: “It’s great to see my technology having such a worthwhile application and making a real difference to such geographically widespread communities.

“Following a successful pilot, this contract win proves that forWhereiAm is capable of serving the communication needs of local authorities well.

“There can be a lot of information noise out there – sometimes you just want to cut through it and see only the filtered, localised information you need, sent straight to you.”