Price cut hits Bute dairy farmers hard

Dairy cattle on Bute.
Dairy cattle on Bute.

Bute’s dairy farmers face a drop in income of more than £1.5 million as a result of cuts in the price they receive for their milk.

Farmers’ co-operative First Milk cut a further 1.4 pence per litre from the price paid for milk for its liquid pool, and 1.8 pence per litre for its manufacturing pool, from December 1.

Local councillor Robert Macintyre, one of the island’s 13 remaining dairy farmers, told members of Bute Community Council the situation facing the island’s dairy farmers was “very serious”.

“After the latest price cut the result will be a total loss of £1.54 million,” he said.

“Seven of us went to a First Milk meeting recently which could best be described as ‘fraught’.”

First Milk chairman Sir Jim Paice MP said: “The harsh reality is that prices are continuing to fall for dairy products everywhere in the world.”