MP Reid presents ‘caravan tax’ petition

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ARGYLL and Bute MP Alan Reid presented a petition to the House of Commons on Tuesday opposing government plans to introduce 20 per cent VAT on the sale of static holiday caravans.

Mr Reid was one of 30 Westminster MPs who presented petitions protesting at the plans, announced in the coalition Government’s recent Budget.

Mr Reid’s petition attracted 346 signatures and has been supported by a number of caravan park operators in Argyll and Bute.

The petition, headed ‘Stop The Caravan Tax’, reads as follows.

“The Petition of the residents of Argyll & Bute constituency and others declares that the petitioners believe that levying VAT on static holiday caravans would cost thousands of jobs in caravan manufacturing, from their suppliers, and in the wider UK holiday industry; and notes that the Petitioners believe that such a levy would lose revenue for the Government.

“The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to reverse its decision to levy VAT on static caravans.”

Speaking the petition was presented, Mr Reid said: “Owners of static holiday caravans bring a lot of money to Argyll and Bute.

“Many local businesses will suffer if the Government impose 20 per cent VAT on the sales of these caravans. It will not only be the caravan park owners and their workers who will suffer, but a large number of small businesses who sell food and other services to holidaymakers.

“The Government’s own impact assessment predicts that imposing VAT would cut sales of static holiday caravans by 30 per cent. Argyll and Bute can’t afford to lose these regular visitors.

“I hope this campaign will persuade the Government to drop their tax plans.”