Luxury train passengers will still visit Bute

The Belmond Royal Scotsman luxury train.
The Belmond Royal Scotsman luxury train.

Passengers on the Royal Scotsman luxury train will still be able to visit Bute and take a tour of Mount Stuart this summer - even though the train itself is unable to reach Wemyss Bay.

Refurbishment of the station buildings means only one platform will be available at Wemyss Bay until August: that platform is used by the regular service train to and from Glasgow, which means the Belmond Royal Scotsman, as it’s now officially known, will be unable to wait at Wemyss Bay while its passengers are visiting Bute.

But a spokesperson for Belmond, the company which runs the Royal Scotsman and several other luxury trains across the world, said: “We are still taking guests over to the Isle of Bute for a visit to Mount Stuart.

“We are unable to access Wemyss Bay station but guests will disembark in Gourock and transfer to Wemyss Bay where they will catch the ferry as usual.

“On return guests will re-join the train at Gourock.”

The Belmond Royal Scotsman tour is due to pay ten visits to Bute this summer, with the first on Sunday, May 3. Prices for the ‘Western Journeys’ tour, which includes Bute and lasts for four days and three nights, start at £3,540 per person.