Live Bute, Love Local

Live Bute, Love Local is the message being sent out to island residents.
Live Bute, Love Local is the message being sent out to island residents.

‘Live Bute, Love Local’ is a new campaign set up to try and change the way local people shop within their community.

Independent shops are constantly under threat due to large supermarkets and of course the internet but if everybody can come together we can change the way people think and try and boost the local economy.

This is the message being made clear by local business owners Karen Latto, Sophie Reid and Allison Harley who have decided to get the ball rolling and try and change the way local people shop.

Independent shop owner’s, etc., are more likely to use other local businesses to shop in, therefore when they spend in an independent shop they are not only improving that shop and enabling them to reinvest in their stock/offering but are also supporting lots of other island businesses which most importantly improves the town.

The message is simple, invest in the future of your town! As the poster says, ‘If every adult on Bute spent just £5 per week in their local independent shops instead of online or at the large supermarkets it would be worth an extra £1.5 million going into their community every year, it’s that easy’.

Of course not everyone can be convinced but if just one person in every 100 people changes the way they think about shopping and spread the word then it might just be the boost that is needed to turn Bute around.

Finally if you go into a shop in town and you can’t find what you’re looking for then just ask, you might be surprised what we can do for you or shop owners might be able to point you in the direction of someone else who can! You don’t need you to spend more, just spend local!