How to look after your Rothesay tenement

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A new film showing Rothesay’s tenements from above will be shown in the town next weekend to mark the start of National Maintenance Week - and to show local tenement flat owners how to look after their buildings.

The film has been made by Annie Flint, an expert on tenement management, and conservation architect John Gilbert, using an elevated mast camera which can photograph roofs from above.

“It’s about saving money.” says Annie.

“Taking simple steps to keep your building dry will not only stop expensive repairs in their tracks but also help keep you warm and save on fuel bills as wet buildings are cold buildings.”

“The single most important thing,” says John, “is to make sure rainwater is channelled quickly and efficiently away from the building and not allowed to build up in dirty gutters or choked downpipes or to constantly spill over onto one area where it will lead to further damage.

“It’s never too late. Even where rot has started, drying off the area and ventilating that part of the building can put a brake on the spread of rot.”

The tenement film is part of an event at the Discovery Centre cinema on Saturday, November 23 from 12 noon until 5pm. For more on looking after your tenement building, see the next issue of The Buteman - on sale from Thursday, November 21.