CalMac’s top man meets The Buteman

Caledonian MacBrayne's managing director, Martin Dorchester.
Caledonian MacBrayne's managing director, Martin Dorchester.

Teething troubles on the Rothesay-Gourock ferry service, the susceptibility of CalMac’s ships to bad weather, on-board wifi and the Clyde and Hebrides Ferry Service tender were all covered in an exclusive Buteman interview with the managing director of CalMac Ferries Ltd.

Among much else, Martin Dorchester said the company was re-examining its Rothesay-Gourock timetable following numerous complaints from customers that the route’s ferries were unable to keep to the advertised 60-minute crossing time.

“In terms of the crossing itself,” he said, “we’re finding that it’s taking a little bit longer to turn around the vessels than we originally thought it would be, and so we’ve perhaps undercooked it a little bit in terms of timing.

“We’re going to need to revisit what the timing of the crossings are. If we do have to change them we’ll talk to the rail people as well and make sure that we connect everything up so that people are not as disadvantaged as they might think they’ll be.”

* You’ll be able to watch our interview with Mr Dorchester in full in two videos which will be published on this site on Monday and Tuesday.