Bute to feature on BBC Radio 4 Open Country series

Bute is to be the centre of attention in an episode of the BBC radio programme Open Country - a series with a listening audience of two million - next month.

The team from the Radio 4 programme visited the island earlier this month in response to a suggestion by Dr Ronan Foley, from the National University of Ireland, that Bute would be an ideal location for the UK’s first designated ‘Blue Space’ - an area where the combination of blue sea and sky and fresh air are ideal for relaxation and recuperation.

The Country Tracks production team interviewed local businessman Phil Kirkham, Rothesay Pavilion manager James McMillan, Rothesay Joint Campus librarian Shiona Lawson and archaeologist Paul Duffy for the programme, which will be aired on Thursday, September 13 at 3pm.

Mr Kirkham said: “In my opinion, we should now be making strenuous efforts to promote [Dr Foley’s] idea to our politicians and to the greater public.

“We should keep the momentum running with this and not let it drop until it has at least been talked about in the Scottish Parliament.”