Bute set for 5p fuel duty cut

A FIVE pence per litre cut in fuel duty takes effect on Bute on Thursday morning, bringing prices at local pumps much closer to those available on the mainland.

Garage owners on some islands are reportedly angry at being unable to pass on the full extent of the cut - brought in by the UK coalition government - due to recent increases in suppliers’ prices.

But David Reid from local firm Rothesay Motor Services told The Buteman that prices at the pump had gone up across the country in recent weeks due to the uncertain political situation in the Middle East.

“Our fuel prices have gone up three or four pence in the last few weeks,” Mr Reid said, “but with the cut in duty our price goes down from 149p to 144p for a litre of diesel, and from 144p to 139p for unleaded.

“I was in Glasgow earlier this week and those new prices are only a couple of pence a litre dearer than drivers are paying there, so the island is quite competitive now.

“I know the company that supplies us well, and they are adamant that the rise in the last few weeks is down to the situation in the Middle East.”

Argyll and Bute Liberal Democrat MP Alan Reid said: “Thursday is a great day for our islands and will see a cut in the cost of living on our islands.

“If the scheme is a success, and I’m sure it will be, I will campaign for the fuel duty cut to be extended to remote parts of the mainland.”