Bute MSP’s concern over UK wind subsidy move

Argyll and Bute MSP Michael Russell.
Argyll and Bute MSP Michael Russell.

Argyll and Bute MSP Michael Russell has spoken of his concern at the implications of the UK government’s position on wind power generation.

Prime minister David Cameron announced last week that his government would bring an end to subsidies for new on-shore wind farms from April 1 next year - 12 months earlier than planned.

That puts the UK government at odds with the SNP administration in Scotland, which has embraced the generation of electricity from renewable sources, wind power among them.

Speaking in Rothesay at a meeting organised by the Scottish Islands Federation to look at renewable power projects, Mr Russell said: “The Scottish Government is trying to deliver one things, and the UK government is trying to deliver another.

“The UK government is increasingly focussed on south-east England, and also has a policy which is ideologically scared by the idea of wind generation. We need to find a way of squaring this.

“The principal barrier is the system south of the border which is working against what the Scottish Government is trying to achieve.

“You can get change if you really work for it and you are prepared to be persistent - and people who live on Scotland’s islands are, in my experience, usually prepared to be persistent.”