Bute man accuses Hydro of ‘misleading customers’

A KILCHATTAN Bay resident has accused Scottish Hydro Electric of misleading customers over the size of the company’s price increases.

Tom Cromack wrote to The Buteman to complain after being told his bill would go up by far more than the average nine per cent increase advertised by SHE.

Mr Cromack was originally told his bill would go up by a whopping 21 per cent, though after he contacted the company the figure was revised downwards - albeit to a still eye-watering 18.3 per cent.

“What I am going to do, I am not sure,” Mr Cromack said, “but whatever I do, I now know that my electricity costs will be significantly higher than I had budgeted for this coming winter.

“I am extremely concerned for more elderly pensioners than myself, who will be driven further into fuel poverty, but this will not worry Scottish Hydro as it will help them to reach even higher profit levels.”

A spokesperson for the electricity company said: “Our customer services team will be contacting Mr Cromack to see if there is any way we can help, for example by switching him to a more suitable tariff.

“The nine per cent increase is an average across all our tariffs, all our regions and all our customers, so while some customers will see a slightly higher increase, others might be slightly lower than nine per cent.

“Each customer will see a slightly different increase to the next according to the region in which they live, the tariff they are on and their levels of consumption.”

* To read Mr Cromack’s letter in full, and Scottish Hydro Electric’s response in its entirety, see the September 28 issue of The Buteman - on sale now.