Brandish Bute director admits ‘precarious situation’

THE company set up to market arts and crafts products made on Bute under a single umbrella is in “a pretty precarious situation”, one of its directors has admitted.

But Peter Vincent, one of the directors of Brandish Bute Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bute Community Land Company, said he was still hopeful that the company could become a sustainable business – and that its aim of showcasing a broad range of local producers, both online and in its Rothesay shop, remained unchanged.

“We still don’t fully know the financial situation,” Mr Vincent told BCLC’s annual general meeting.

“That may sound disturbing, but until two weeks ago we couldn’t get access to all the financial documents and paperwork.

“Departing staff didn’t keep the tidiest of records, so the overall situation is something of an unknown.”

Mr Vincent told the meeting Brandish Bute had reached an agreement to rent out space at the rear of the shop to the team behind Radio Bute, a new internet radio station for the island, and would also be acting as local stockist and distributor for a range of jewellery products made by a former pupil at Rothesay Academy.

“It’s a challenging situation,” Mr Vincent continued, “but I wouldn’t be announcing the things we’ve agreed if I didn’t think we had a better than fighting chance of coming out of it.”

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