Ascog wind farm: new noise and visual data published

Additional information on the noise and visual impact of the proposed Ascog Farm wind turbines has been published this week.

The information, requested by Argyll and Bute Council and available on the authority’s website, includes projections of the visual impact from four locations not included on the original plans, as well as data on the estimated noise impact of the turbines on the 12 properties nearest the development site.

The noise impact assessment states that all properties “meet ETSU guideline levels during Quiet Day periods” (ETSU being the publisher of a 1997 report on ‘The Assessment and Rating of Noise from Wind Farms’, used by planning authorities as an example of relevant guidance on good practice), and that of the only three properties which required to be assessed for night time compliance, two, Dun Eastein and Braeside, exceeded the ETSU limits.

The report proposes operating one of the proposed three turbines in reduced power mode under specific wind conditions, in order to comply with night-time noise limits at all properties.

Ascog Farm owner Adrian Tear is seeking planning permission to erect three turbines, each 74 metres high from ground to blade tip, on land near the top of the 104-metre Hill of Ascog.

His proposals have attracted 590 comments from members of the public, most of them opposing the plans.