Ardyne site owners slammed in MPs’ report

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The construction firm which owns the Ardyne Point industrial site near Rothesay Bay has been slammed by MPs looking into the ‘blacklisting’ of workers.

The House of Commons’ Scottish affairs committee says the blacklist - given the name of The Consulting Association (TCA), appeared to have been largely established by Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd, which also provided TCA’s chairmen for eight of the 16 years in which it operated.

Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd used the Ardyne site to build three huge concrete oil platforms in the 1970s, employing hundreds of people from Bute and the surrounding area, and still owns the site today.

The MPs’ interim report, published on Tuesday, says the major construction firms who established and funded the blacklist of industry workers “appear to be continuing to avoid taking full responsibility for their actions”.

Ian Davidson MP, the chair of the committee, said: “We are appalled by what we have discovered during our committee hearings.

“The Consulting Association was an organised conspiracy by big construction firms, to discriminate against workers who raised legitimate grievances over health and safety and other industrial issues.

“This was an exercise run for the financial gain of the companies involved and those who benefited must be held accountable.”

The use of the Ardyne site as a fabrication yard pre-dated the establishment of The Consulting Association in the 1990s.