BT defends Rothesay exchange over power cut

THE boss of BT in Scotland has insisted that the company’s Rothesay telephone exchange is fit for purpose – despite a generator failure which knocked out the island’s land line network after January’s severe storms.

Brendan Dick, director of BT Scotland and managing director of BT Regions, has written to Bute Community Council to explain why the island was left without land line phone services for the best part of 24 hours on January 4-5.

“Normally a generator could cope for a number of days,” Mr Dick said, “however in this case the generator failed leading to loss of service to the exchange for just over a day.”

Mr Dick also said that it was not possible for mainland-based engineers to reach the island until 9am on January 5, a helicopter having been considered but deemed unsafe.

He continued: “The Rothesay exchange is fit for purpose and has the same built in resilience and capability as our exchanges across the UK in Glasgow and Edinburgh and as such we have no current plans to modernise this exchange.

“The fault history for the particular generator which failed shows that it has been extremely reliable prior to this event.”