Breastfeeding mums welcome, says restaurant owner after complaint

Liz's Diner in Montague Street.
Liz's Diner in Montague Street.

The owner of a Rothesay restaurant says breastfeeding mums are more than welcome on her premises after a customer complained at being asked to cover up while feeding her daughter.

Liz McCabe responded after reader Emma Thomas contacted The Buteman to tell us about her experience while breastfeeding her daughter Linnea in Liz’s Diner in Montague Street on Friday.

Mrs Thomas, who also wrote about the incident on Facebook, said she had been asked to cover up because other customers in the restaurant were trying to eat their meal.

“Linnea is the third baby I have breastfed,” she said, “and no one had ever reacted negatively before.

“Consequently I didn’t handle it as well as I could have and was a little angry in my refusal. Another member of staff then told me that ‘I could leave if I was going to be difficult’.

“I had already finished my meal, so I let Linnea finish hers and then gave them a chance to redeem themselves by apologising for my slightly angry reaction, but reiterating how inappropriate it is to ask a nursing mother to cover up.

“But no, they just said that ‘it was a matter of opinion and people were trying to eat’.”

Mrs McCabe told The Buteman: “We have no problems whatsoever with mums breastfeeding in the restaurant.

“I asked if she would mind covering up as some of the other customers were feeling uncomfortable, and she lifted her T-shirt above her neck and said ‘I’ll bare more then’.

“She should never have bared her breasts like that. She was asked to leave, but it was nothing to do with her breastfeeding.

“All my staff, apart from one, are mothers themselves. The whole thing has really upset me - we would never stop anyone breastfeeding discreetly.”