BCC discuss community’s emergency plan

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At last night’s meeting of Bute Community Council in Port Bannatyne Village Hall, Argyll and Bute Council’s guide to preparing the community in the event of an emergency – such as the January storms which left the island without power for three days – was discussed.

The community council have been asked for their input in formulating a plan which would be specific to Bute, with the hope that the island’s community will be better prepared in the future.

Councillor Len Scoullar told the council that Bute Advice Centre are keen to be involved in the discussions, given their expertise and knowledge.

Councillor Isobel Strong also said she’d been approached by Alan Reid, MP, at a recent event, and that he admitted that the public meeting organised by the Scottish Affairs Committee to look into lessons learned from the Januarys storms had been a ‘fiasco’ [the meeting was held on Monday, August 27, in Rothesay Pavilion, but had only publicised on Friday, August 24, meaning that the only representative at the meeting was The Buteman’s reporter]. She further advised that Mr Reid has suggested a further public meeting be held to allow the community to have input.

A sub-committee will be formed within Bute Community Council to take the issue forward.