Attendance figures at outpatient appointments in Argyll and Bute

Latest figures highlight that in the last year more than 90 per cent of people turned up for their consultant led outpatient appointment at hospitals across Argyll and Bute.

A small percentage of people for a variety of reasons did not attend their appointment and Argyll and Bute Community Health Partnership would therefore like to remind people to let their local hospital know if they are unable to make it along.

Stephen Whiston, Head of Planning for Argyll & Bute CHP, said: “In the last year, more than 32,000 consultant led outpatient appointments were held across the local hospitals in Argyll and Bute and just over 90 per cent of patients attended their appointment.

“This really helps Argyll amd Bute Community Health Partnership in ensuring that we see patients as soon as we can after they are referred and that our waiting lists are kept as low as possible.

“However, for a variety of reasons just under 10 per cent of patients did not manage to make it along to their appointment and although this percentage is relatively low it still adds up to 3220 missed appointments over the last year.

“I completely understand that things can crop up at very short notice and patients may not be able to make it along for their appointment but I would ask that if at all possible could they let us know in advance.

“Not only will this provide staff with an opportunity to fit other patients into the empty appointment slots but it will also help the CHP reduce even further the time that people are waiting to be seen.”