Argyll councillor criticises council funds request


An Argyll and Bute councillor has criticised the authority’s decision to write to the Deputy First Minister to ask for additional funding.

As we recently reported, Argyll and Bute Council Leader, Dick Walsh, is to write to John Swinney following Thursday’s Policy and Resources Committee, requesting extra funding for the authority in response to the council’s predicted funding gap of £21.7 - £26 million over the coming years.

Councillor James Robb (Helensburgh, SNP), however, criticised the decision, saying: “This is embarrassing.

“We have known for years the extent of the financial problems facing the council due to the Tory austerity project.

“All councils are facing similar problems but Councillor Walsh doesn’t even make an argument for why Argyll and Bute should be treated as a special case. Of course we would all welcome any extra funding the Scottish government could provide but this is just another attempt to distract from the incompetence of the current Tory/LibDem administration.”