Argyll and Bute votes ‘Remain’ in EU Referendum

Argyll and Bute voted to remain in the European Union.
Argyll and Bute voted to remain in the European Union.

Voters in Argyll and Bute returned majority votes of ‘Remain’ in yesterday’s referendum on the whether Britain stays in the European Union.

That result - which was mirrored in every local authority in Scotland - wasn’t enough, with 58.6% of UK voters in favour of the status quo and 41.4% voting to leave.

In Argyll and Bute, 29,494 voted to remain a member of the European Union. 19,202 voted to leave the European Union.

The result was formally declared by the counting officer for Argyll and Bute, Charles Reppke, at the referendum count in Lochgilphead Joint Campus early on Friday, June 24.

The total electorate for Argyll and Bute was 66,642 with a turnout at the polls of 73.13 per cent. The total number of votes cast was 48,734.

A total of 38 votes were rejected for a number of reasons, 16 were rejected as both answers were voted for, and 21 were unmarked or void for certainty.

One was rejected as the writing or mark by which the voter could be identified.

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