Argyll and Bute mobile progress ‘in spring’

In the House of Commons yesterday, Alan Reid MP questioned Communications Minister Ed Vaizey MP on the progress of the Government’s Mobile Infrastructure Project – the project to bring mobile phone coverage to communities who have no access to this.

Mr Alan Reid said: “In a vastly spread out rural area such as Argyll and Bute, many communities do not have access to mobile phone coverage. Will the Minister tell the House when he hopes to appoint a supplier for the mobile infrastructure project?”

Mr Vaizey replied: “I understand that we have gone out to tender for the procurement of the mobile infrastructure project, so we should hear some good news in the spring.”

Speaking afterwards, Mr Reid said: “Many communities in Argyll and Bute lack mobile phone coverage. It’s very important that they get this coverage soon and so I’m pleased that a supplier will soon be awarded the contract to deliver the Government’s Mobile Infrastructure Project.

“Once a supplier has been appointed, I will work with them to ensure that as much as possible of Argyll and Bute is linked to the mobile phone network.”