Apple Tree Nursery pupil council election 2015

The candidates in this year's Apple Tree Nursery pupil council election.
The candidates in this year's Apple Tree Nursery pupil council election.

Apple Tree Nursery’s annual pupil council election was held on Friday, September 4, and the candidates were all smiles when we turned up to cast our vote!

The list of candidates has almost doubled since last year, with a total of eleven children throwing their hats in the ring to become chair of the committee.

Those standing for election are Cameron Fisher, Laszlo Gero, Amelia Harrison, Gary Jones, Calan Morrison, Lloyd Robertson, Sophia Taylor, Christopher Watson, Samantha White, Caleb Whitelaw, and Ashlyn Williamson.

Cameron wants to help people draw pictures and get better outside games for the nursery.

Laszlo will teach the others about good behaviour, the importance of a daily routine and how to follow the rules.

Amelia loves singing songs and teaching everyone to dance, and would like to help organise a sunflower growing competition.

Gary would like to help the little and new kids learn the toilet rules at the nursery, and would teach them about washing your hands and getting rid of germs.

Calan would like to help others learn about how to tidy up, to listen to the teachers, and how to climb the obstacle course outside.

Lloyd will teach the younger ones about the rules of the nursery, and how to share and play together.

Sophia would like to teach the younger pupils all the things she has learned in her three years at Apple Tree, like how to share with each other.

Christopher would like to help others at Apple Tree Nursery.

Samantha is good at talking and has good ideas about not running inside, knows good places to hide, and thinks everyone should share.

Caleb loves going to Apple Tree and wants to make sure the other boys and girls do too. He would like to see more car toys, rockets and spaceships to play with and wants to go on more adventures outside.

Ashlyn will show everyone how to line up properly, and how to build castles with bricks.