Advice centre secures almost £900k in Bute welfare payments

Alma Mickaill and Julie Semple from Bute Advice Centre.
Alma Mickaill and Julie Semple from Bute Advice Centre.

Bute Advice Centre secured almost £900,000 in welfare payments for residents of Bute during 2015.

The centre secured a total ‘client gain’ of £437,286 in means-tested benefits and £427,147.96 in non-means tested benefits from January to December last year.

A total of 894 new cases were added to the centre’s workload in the year, while 903 cases were closed; 364 people on Bute were supported along with 190 in Cowal and 55 in the Lomond area, the latter two as part of a welfare rights contract with local housing association ACHA.

The largest means-tested sum totalled £202,961 in housing benefit, while the biggest non-means-tested benefit was a total of £154,557.73 in Personal Independence Payments.

Other payments and grants not classified under the above two categories took the total sum secured during the year to £896,770.74.

Centre manager Julie Semple said the total figure represented a slight drop on the sums secured in previous years.

“We’re now dealing with more debt cases than in the past, for which there’s no associated client gain,” she told The Buteman.

* More detail on the centre’s activities in 2015 in the next issue of The Buteman.