Achievement Bute seeks Autism Mentors

Achievement Bute has received funding from the Scottish Government’s Autism Development Fund for a mentoring project to support young people on Bute who have and autism/Asperger’s Syndrome. This funding is part of the government’s National Strategy for Autism, which seeks to address the enormous challenges faced by the one in a hundred people in Scotland who have autism. Autism is a lifelong developmental condition which affects the way a person communicates with and relates to people around them.

Although people with autism often have difficulties communicating effectively and understanding social rules, many people with autism can excel at their studies, have fulfilling careers and make a real, positive difference to the lives of others – they just need the right support at the right time. Achievement Bute’s mentoring project aims to support such young people aged 13-18 as they move from childhood into young adulthood. Mentors work directly with young people to help reach individual goals set by the young people and their families.

Achievement Bute is currently seeking local people who have experience of, and/or an interest in autism/Aspergers to join our team of mentors during this three-year project. This will involve getting to know an individual young person very well, working alongside them and their family to assist them as they start to prepare for their future. Mentors will need to be available for a few hours a week during mainly evenings and weekends and need to be able to commit to doing this for a reasonable length of time, to ensure consistency for the young people involved.

If you are interested, you can contact Dorothy McDonald at Achievement Bute on 505558 for an informal chat and an application form.