Academy winners' stories of success

MEGAN HARWOOD lifted Rothesay Academy's top academic prize, the Thomson Exhibition Award and Gilmour Trophy, at the school's end-of-year prizegiving ceremony.

The ceremony at the Pavilion was historic for a number of reasons, marking as it did the final day as part of the Academy's staff for three of the school's senior figures - and the final day of Rothesay Academy as an independently led and managed school, ahead of the change in August to a new unified management team for the Academy and Rothesay Primary, led by campus principal Wendy Brownlie.

The day's main address was given by Academy alumnus Eleanor Campbell, professor of physical chemistry at Edinburgh University, who reminisced about her time at the school, paying tribute to those who had given her the encouragement to go on to university when she was an Academy pupil, and who had set her on the first steps towards the top of the tree in her chosen profession.

"To those of you who are leaving today," she said, "it is a new beginning for all of you.

"It's up to you now to make your own way in the world. When I went off to university all the other students I met seemed to be from public school backgrounds and showed a super-confidence which I wasn't particularly comfortable with.

"But very soon I realised that with my Rothesay Academy background I was just as prepared as any of them.

"You really can do it - grab your opportunities, aim high and just go for it."

All three departing senior staff members - rector Ken Moncrieff and depute heads Jim Bicker and Stewart Shaw - paid tribute to the pupils and staff who will return to the school after their summer break, and sent the senior pupils who are leaving the school for pastures new on their way with words of encouragement for their future, and with a plea not to forget their time at Rothesay Academy.

Certificates were presented to pupils of all ages for achievement and improvement in a variety of subjects - and for a range of non-academic achievements too, such as their commitment to the values of the school and their service to the community in many different disciplines, from cheerleading to shinty.

The full list of principal prize winners, and those who received general excellence certificates, is as follows.

Principal awards

Thomson Exhibition Award and Gilmour Trophy - Megan Harwood.

Thomson Gold Medal and Rothesay Academy Memorial Prize for mathematics - Ally Johnston.

Thomson Gold Medal and Rothesay Academy Memorial Prize for science - Ally Johnston.

Thomson Gold Medal and Rothesay Academy Memorial Prize for English - Johanna Russell.

Prize winners

Golden Jubilee Cup and prize for home economics (presented by the Bute Federation SWRI) - Ryan Aird.

The Archibald Reid Silver Jubilee Prize for music - Lauren Nicoletti.

The Moffat Prize for geography - Ruaraidh Fowler.

The John McKinnon Memorial Prize for art and design - Susan Callaghan.

The Archibald Reid Silver Jubilee Prize for physical education - Craig Shaw.

The Telecom Service Centres Prize for business management - Callum Thomson.

The Colin Stirling Memorial Trophy for the best all-round sportsperson - Troy McKerrell.

The Bute Charitable Trust Prize for information systems - Rebecca Davidson.

The Bute Charitable Trust Prize for administration - Samantha Cairney.

The Leadership Prize (presented by the Rotary Club of Rothesay) - Kerr Slaven and Megan Alexander.

The Telecom Service Centres Prize for technical - Alison McGregor.

The Duncan Wilson Memorial Trophy and Prize for best art work of the year - Alison McGregor.

The Bute Charitable Trust Prize for English - Johanna Russell.

The James S. Miller Prize for biology - Johanna Russell and Megan Alexander.

The Citizenship Prize (presented by Lloyds TSB Scotland) - Megan Alexander.

The Bute Charitable Trust Prize for physics - Ally Johnston.

The Bute Charitable Trust Prize for chemistry - Ally Johnston.

The Archibald Reid Silver Jubilee Prize for history - Ally Johnston.

The W.S. Shaw Prize for mathematics - Ally Johnston.

General excellence certificate winners

S1 - Sophie Duncan, Alison McFarlane, Sophie-Jayne McKellar, Elizabeth Mellish, Christy Slaven, Katie Stratton, Alan Prentice, Cameron Soane, Brodie Varney, Carly Willcocks, Gavin Crawford, Cameron Gibb, Joe Livingstone, Eilidh MacNeil, Alison Shaw, Briony Sweet.

S2 - Ryan Currie, Christopher Jardine, Ruairidh McGregor, Caitlin Parkins, Rachael Simpson, Meghan Bagan, Kirsty Barrett, Amy Beverley, Scott MacPhail, Max Alexander, Fiona Ewing, Niall Hendry-Chynoweth, Craig MacFie, Ross MacKenzie, Lara Mercer, Megan Poole, Kimberly Simmons.

S3 - Elaine Brown, Victoria Howard, William Tily, Lewis Currie, Ben Hatton, Stephanie Reid, Greig Aird, Hayley Hamilton, Colin Shaw, Laura Hampson, Keshet Shalit, Jenni Speirs, Claire Colhoun, Caitlin Spear, Jennifer Stewart, Rachel Shennan, Ruairidh Soane.

S4 - Sean Bain, Johanna Hanschell, Jana O'Donnell, Stewart Hogarth, Robert Jardine, Fiona Ross, Samantha Gilmour, Craig Murray, Julie Tipping, Dylan Harwood, Jilly Thomson, Ellie Dadd, Vivien Jenkins, Phillip Toop, Craig MacKenzie, Hannah Bailey, Kevin Lawrence, Eilidh McArthur, Callum McCartney, Rachel Maitland, Robyn Horsburgh, Lydia Nellis.

S5/6 (gold) - Michaella Howard, Laura McLaughlin, Erin McMillan, Ally Johnston, Johanna Russell, Stewart Bicker, Craig Shaw, Jennifer Lyon.

S5/6 (silver) - Iain McKenzie, Alistair Storrie, Graeme Shaw, Amy Shennan, Jamie Steele, Lachlan Lewis-Smith, Duncan McCready, Rachael McKellar, Steven Mercer, Nicole Planck, Callum Thomson.