Academy wants your old cameras and equipment to support new course

Mikey Robertson is one of the prospective photography higher students at Rothesay Academy.
Mikey Robertson is one of the prospective photography higher students at Rothesay Academy.

This year Rothesay Academy’s art and design department is delivering the photograhy higher as a new subject choice in the senior curriculum.

This is the first year that Rothesay Academy have offered higher photography so the aim is to create a course and experience that is as dynamic and stimulating as possible, whilst also providing students with the opportunity to gain a significant higher certificate that can lead on to a wide range of post-school options and further interests.

The academy are also making an appeal to the Isle of Bute community for possible donations of photography equipment that can be used to enhance the hands-on experience for the students taking this course.

Allan Arneil said: “It may be that there are people in the community that have digital cameras, tripods, lights etc… that they no longer want or use. People often upgrade to a newer camera and may want to see their old equipment go to good use.”

All donations would be most welcome. However, there are some features and aspects that would be most helpful, for example: DSLR cameras with swappable lenses, bridge cameras (with aperture and shutter speed controls but have a fixed lens); all types of digital camera that have at least 8MP of image quality; tripods (all sizes); camera cases; Minolta, Sony or Nikon lenses and/or flash gun attachments (as these may fit the academy’s two existing DSLR cameras). Books and magazines on the subject of photography or photographers would also be gratefully received.

Rothesay Academy asks anyone donating digital camera equipment to ensure that all personal photographs are removed before it is handed in. All cameras donated will be checked and formatted by staff, ready for use by students.

All donations can be handed in to the school office for the attention of Mr Arneil.

The school would appreciate if those who do donate could please leave their name and contact address, in order that they can say a proper thank you.