Academy’s matchbox challenge gets under way

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A MAD March Matchbox Challenge set by pupils at Rothesay Academy to raise funds for Cancer Research UK is now under way.

Launched on March 1 and running throughout the month, the challenge is to fill a small matchbox with as many items as you can, with one of three cash prizes on offer for the winners.

Matchboxes can be collected – in return for the 50p entry fee – at The Buteman’s office during our normal working hours (9am-5pm Mon-Thu, 9am-4pm Fri), at the local Cancer Research UK charity shop in Montague Street, Rothesay or during school hours at North Bute Primary, St Andrew’s Primary and Rothesay Joint Campus.

There are just a few small terms and conditions: no liquid unless in a sealed container, no ‘yucky things’ (though exactly what is ‘yucky’ and what isn’t may be the subject of some debate!), nothing harmful, no heavy objects in case the matchbox breaks – and, most importantly of all, only one of each object, or it won’t be counted. So no filling it up with a handful of sand from the beach!

(Editor’s Note: The entry form has room for 149 items - I’m up to 42 so far, and fast becoming obsessed. It’s been alleged that someone filled their box with all 149 items on the very first day: either I’m being wound up, or someone has far, far too much time on their hands...)