Academy’s achievers receive their awards

ROTHESAY Academy’s activities and academic achievements during the last 12 months were put in the spotlight at the school’s annual prize-giving ceremony at the Pavilion.

The winner of the school’s top academic prize, S6 pupil Lewis Currie, received the Thomson Exhibition Award and Gilmour Trophy from the day’s guest speaker, former Academy pupil Gilbert Bulloch, now director of development partnerships with the international management consulting, technology and outsourcing company Accenture.

Mr Bulloch spoke about his role running the not-for-profit arm of the firm, working with charities across the globe to help improve infrastructure and access to training and technology in the developing world.

Admitting that he had no idea what he wanted to be when he was about to leave school, he said he had eventually come to realise that there was more to life than money and fast cars.

“I started to think about how I could make a difference,” he said. “I read about a placement with Voluntary Service Overseas in Macedonia, which needed businesspeople, and so I went there to help develop small businesses.

“I had the best time of my life – I was paid less money, but I was more motivated and more happy than I’d ever been.

“I believe we can change businesses to be better. If a Somali pirate can take over a supertanker, surely we can storm the boardrooms of the world’s huge companies.

“These companies can make a difference. If you choose a career in business, it doesn’t have to be driven just by greed and money.

“You might not chance the world, but you might change your own world – or, better still, you might just change the world for some of the people around you.”

Thursday’s ceremony also included a review of the school’s activities during 2010-11, by outgoing school captains Amy Williams and Ben Hatton, and the introduction of the Academy’s new school and house captains – school captains Megan Poole and Craig Macfie, and house captains Kieran Parkins and Sophie Duncan (Ettrick), Carly Willcocks and Cameron Bigham (Kames), and David Murty and Caitlin McKellar (Scalpsie).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The school’s principal prize winners for 2010-11 are as follows.

Thomson Exhibition Award and Gilmour Trophy, Thomson Gold Medal and Rothesay Academy Memorial Prize for French – Lewis Currie.

Thomson Gold Medals and Rothesay Academy Memorial Prizes for mathematics and science – Stuart Howard.

Thomson Gold Medal and Rothesay Academy Memorial Prize for English – Niall Hendry-Chynoweth.

Rothesay Academy Prize for History (sponsored by Caledonian MacBrayne) – Lewis Currie and Stuart Howard.

Rothesay Academy Prize for information systems and Telecom Service Centre Prize for business management – Lewis Currie.

Rothesay Academy Prize for chemistry, W.S. Shaw Prize for mathematics, Rothesay Academy Prize for physics – Stuart Howard.

Bute Charitable Trust Prize for English and Rothesay Academy Prize for French – Niall Hendry-Chynoweth.

Margo C.G. Kerr Memorial Prize for history (awarded to the student who has shown outstanding enthusiasm for, and exceptional commitment to, history) – Keshet Shalit.

Citizenship Prize (presented by Lloyds TSB Scotland) and Intermediate 2 award for hospitality and woodworking skills – Christopher Lawrence.

Duncan Wilson Memorial Trophy and Prize for best art work of the year – Meghan Bagan.

Colin Stirling Memorial Trophy for the best all-round sportsperson – Jordan Selkirk.

Golden Jubilee Cup and Prize for hospitality (presented by the Bute Federation of the SWRI) – Kieran Parkins.

John McKinnon Memorial Prize for art and design (sponsored by Print Point) – Amy Beverley.

James S. Miller Memorial Prize for biology (sponsored by Mrs E. McKirdy) – David Greer.

Rothesay Academy Prize for graphic communication (sponsored by the Victoria Hotel) – Laura Hampson.

Leadership Prize (presented by the Rotary Club of Rothesay) – Amy Williams and Ben Hatton.

James Bicker Prize for physical education – Nicolle Paterson.

Rothesay Academy Prize for Geography – Caitlin Fowler and Adam Steele.

Peter Lingard Prize for music – Emille Dickson.

Markwell Music Award – Caitlin Fowler and Scott Robertson.

Certificates for general excellence were awarded to the following pupils during the ceremony.

S1 – Maggie Catlin, Ailish Cowan, Marcela McMillan, Maya Gorman, Keriin Jamieson, Holly MacMillan, Hannah Gibb, Jamie Murray, Ciara Palmer, Laurie Robertson, Charlie Sweet.

S2 – Liza Brew, Marjorie Hogarth, Matthew Leitch, Ryan Leitch, Euan McGregor, Craig Middleton, Eva Benfield, Caitlin Fenner, Craig McLean.

S3 – Bonnie Caldwell, Chloe Nellis, Zoe Clark, Jemma Close, Jessie Docherty, Pia Haddon, Robbie Middleton, Amie Speirs, Ruth Sweeney, Chloe Woollcott, Matthew Daniels, Robert Deans, Mhairi McArthur, Joshua McFadden, Tia Nicholson, Laura Sprowl.

S4 – Sarah Catlin, Sophie Duncan, Garry Macqueen, Alison McFarlane, Sophie-Jayne McKellar, Annie Fallows, Alan Prentice, Cameron Soane, Brodie Varney, Kevin Walmsley, Carly Willcocks, Bethany Calder, Cameron Gibb, Eilidh MacNeil, Briony Sweet, Nino Zavaroni-Robertson.

S5/S6 (silver) – Meghan Bagan, Amy Beverley, Ryan Currie, Christopher Jardine, Ruairidh McGregor, Fraser Menzies, Moses Nderitu, James Roughead, Rachel Simpson, Josef Rae, Craig Macfie, Megan Poole, Chantelle Lilley, Jennifer Stewart.

S5/S6 (gold) – Jake Rankin, Max Alexander, David Greer, Niall Hendry-Chynoweth, Stuart Howard, Ruairidh Soane, Caitlin Spear, Lewis Currie.

The Academy’s 2011-12 session begins on Wednesday, August 17 at 9am.