A View from the Pavilion 2

A visualisation of the new music and media studio at the Pavilion.
A visualisation of the new music and media studio at the Pavilion.

It has been exactly two years since I first came to Bute. I know this precisely because it was the weekend of the first ButeFest and it was also my interview for the Artistic Director/CEO post at Rothesay Pavilion.

As part of our pre-interview familiarisation, all candidates for the role were given a whistle-stop tour of the island with one of the trustees before being taken along to the festival site for a pint of Aidan’s beer and a look around.

So - any of you who were at ButeFest in 2015 will remember that it rained. Needless to say, we anxious interview hopefuls were far from suitably dressed.

Styled to impress and reassure prospective employers, our attire didn’t exactly meet the needs of a muddy festival field and beer drinking. Imagine, if you will, the smart skirt and jacket coupled with a pair of borrowed walking boots two sizes too big - rocking the festival look there, folks.

Fortunately, my lack of festival chic wasn’t held against me - I’m still here and happy to say that for the first time, the Pavilion team will officially be part of ButeFest 2017.

We have been asked to help out with a new feature for the festival - the Cinema Yurt. Working with Cinemor77, ButeFest and Rothesay Pavilion have put together a film programme to run throughout the festival with a heavy emphasis on music videos, archive footage, and short films for children and family audiences. We think it is a great addition to the fabulous programme that ButeFest already has in store.

Also, you will see some of the young people from Rothesay Pavilion’s new music and media project out and about during the festival. Called 45RPM (Rothesay Pavilion Multimedia), it focuses on film and music making and is aimed at young people on Bute. When the Pavilion reopens, 45RPM will have a dedicated studio space within the building and will be involved with some of the programming and promotions in the venue spaces too.

So, if you are at ButeFest this weekend you’ll hopefully see them with their cameras and microphones, in their 45RPM t-shirts. They might even be stopping you for an interview.

I’ll be around over the festival weekend too, so do stop and have a chat about the Pavilion. I can assure you I won’t be sporting the suit with oversized walking boots this time!