A ‘Service of Solace and Hope’ at Rothesay church

The United Church of Bute.
The United Church of Bute.

An island church will be offering a special service in recognition that Christmas can have a very different meaning to us all.

The United Church of Bute’s ‘Service of Solace and Hope’ realises that Christmas is a difficult time for many. There are huge pressures on us all to celebrate for the sake of others, and sometimes, some years, for most of us, this will be at odds with how we really feel, and where we really are.

Yet the meaning of Christmas is very subtle, and as many-sided as human existence itself.

This quiet, reflective service is offered as a space to acknowledge, gently, that we all come to Christmas 2015 from different directions, and that Christmas 2015 finds each one of us in a different place – and that some of these places may be difficult. It seeks to offer a time in which the truth of how we really are can be brought together with the depth of meaning that Christmas contains.

No assumptions will be made about how anyone comes to this brief (fifty-minute) service. There will be ample opportunity for silence, and reflection.

For those who might find them useful, ways of symbolizing where each one of us is will be offered – but nothing is compulsory.

Some churches call services like this “Blue Christmas” – but it was felt that, for UCB this year, “A Service of Solace and Hope” reflected the complicated and many-sided, sometimes glorious, sometimes difficult and painful, world of human living into which the Christ-child was born.

“He was little, weak, and helpless,

“Tears and smiles like us he knew:

“and he feeleth for our sadness,

“and he shareth all our gladness…”

If you’d like to know more, please contact Rev. Owain Jones on 504502.