Watch out for fake £2 coins

Islanders have been warned this week to be on the lookout for fake £2 coins which may be in circulation in the area.

Peter Timms, chairman and managing director of local firm Flexible Technology Ltd, found one in his wallet a few days ago, and called at our office on Tuesday to show us the fake version of the coin, which you can see above on the right next to the real thing.

We didn’t find it hard to distinguish between the fake one and the real one side by side, though it might be harder if you don’t have a real version to hand for comparison.

Traits to watch out for, all present in the fake version handed to us, are very faded colours, the intricate pattern in the centre of the ‘tails’ side is missing, it’s scratched on both sides and around the rim and, most obvious of all, when you tap it on a hard surface it makes a very different, and much less satisfying, sound than the ‘thunk’ of the real thing.

Remember that if you do find yourself in possession of a counterfeit coin, it’s an offence to pass it on to anyone else; it should instead be handed in to a bank or to the police.