‘The Red Nose Diaries’

Alison Golllings Clark, who recently won a writing competition run by the Scottish Book Trust, is to hold a story-telling session at Rothesay library entitled ‘The Red Nose Diaries’.

She told us: “It will be my first solo story-telling session for adults, and I hope people will come along and enjoy a few seasonal tales.”

Alison has only recently been admitted to the prestigious Scottish Story-tellers Directory - and was set on her story-telling career from sessions she attended here on Bute three years ago, when a husband and wife team, John and Noreen, were hired by Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme. “I told a couple of stories I had written at the Tale Spinners writing group that I attend and John and Noreen said I should try to become a professional teller - and so, with a lot of local help, enabling me to get experience, I built up confidence and knowledge and, after assessment by professionals, I was allowed onto the list.

One aspect of her story-telling Alsion enjoys is making costumes that reflect the theme of her stories. “I like to make costumes for most of the sessions I do,” she told us. “I’ve been a fairy queen, a Victorian lady, a fish-wife, a farmer’s wife, Mrs Claus, and most recently, the Snow Queen at Achievement Bute’s event at Mount Stuart. I rather went over the top with her cloak,” she admits, “as I had crocheted 150 snowflakes to attach to it. It nearly drove me mad - but when the children saw it, then I knew it had been worth it.”

‘The Red Nose Diaries’ will consist of seasonal tales mostly written by Alison - and may also have a contribution from her husband, Ed. “Ed has been a mariner for over 40 years, and certainly has some tales to tell,” she laughs, “although some may be a little tall.”

Alison hopes to set up a more permanent story-telling group here on the island in the New Year. “I have several professional tellers who are very interested in coming over to tell a few tales themselves, and it would be great if we could encourage local talent to come forward - as I myself was,” she said.

Alison’s ‘Red Nose Diaries’ will be held at the library on December 19, at 7pm. Please contact Rothesay Library on (01700) 503266 for details, and to add your name to their list of attendees. There is no charge.