Rothesay pool to be made wind and watertight

Rothesay Leisure Centre pool
Rothesay Leisure Centre pool

Exercising by dodging the pails collecting water from the leaking roof could soon be a thing of the past for users of Rothesay Leisure Centre.

For Argyll and Bute Council leaders have agreed that work to make the building watertight should start as soon as possible.

And it was celebrations for Bute Councillor Len Scoullar who has been pushing for the repairs to be undertaken as a matter of urgency.

“We knew when the inside of the building was updated two years ago that the roof had a limited life,” Cllr Scoullar recalled, “and then at the end of October we were told the roof needed urgent repairs.”

After enlisting the support of council leader Dick Walsh, Cllr Scoullar was delighted when he heard this week that funding for the repairs had been approved and would be going forward as soon as possible.

“I was delighted to be told that due to the urgency of the required repairs to the roof and to protect the users of the leisure centre the matter would be dealt with,” he commented, promising: “The leisure centre will be able to remain open as far as possible to ensure customers are not inconvenienced.”