Nostalgia: St Brendan’s Church Sunday school in 1995

St Brendan's Church Sunday school in 1995.
St Brendan's Church Sunday school in 1995.
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This week’s photo was sent to us by Margaret Long and shows the Sunday School of St Brendan’s Church in Craigmore in 1995.

As Margaret says, “Haven’t they grown!”

Back row, left to right: Fiona Martin (pianist); Barbara Hill (teacher); Alexandra Sutherland; Rev Duncan Ballantyne; John Kinnear; Christopher Sutherland; Andrea Ferguson; Caroline Forrester; Catriona McIntyre; Nancy Kinnear (teacher); Euan Ferguson; Margaret Ferguson (teacher).

Middle row, left to right: Claire Richardson; Alistair McIntyre; David Gilmour; Alan Kinnear; Margaret Long (retiring superintendent); Duncan Keith; Gavin Neilson; Karen Keith; Charles Anderson; Stephanie Neilson.

Front row, left to right: Christopher MacGregor, Alison MacGregor.