Nostalgia: Gaelic Choir in 1908

Bute's Gaelic Choir in 1908.
Bute's Gaelic Choir in 1908.

This week’s Buteman featured the above photo in our nostalgia section with an appeal for information after we discovered it at the bottom of our filing cabinet without any accompanying details.

Thanks to Jean McMillan and Ian Sinclair we now know that the photo is of the Gaelic Choir in 1908. The choir sang in the 17th annual Mòd which was held in Rothesay that same year.

This choir also won gold medals at Edinburgh, Rothesay and Stirling.

Pictured in the front row are James McArthur, the choirmaster, and R. John Macdonald, who would later become headmaster.

Many thanks to Jean and Ian for their help, and if you’ve got an image you’d like to share with our readers please get in touch by emailing - we’d love to hear from you.