New eco badge for Scotland Cub Scouts

The new eco badge made out of recycled goods.
The new eco badge made out of recycled goods.

Cub Scouts in Scotland are being encouraged to go eco as part of a newly revised badge to teach children the importance of getting involved in environmental conservation in their daily lives.

The Environmental Conservation Activity badge is now sponsored by The Salvation Army’s Recycle with Michael initiative - which works with children to divert thousands of tonnes of unwanted clothing and shoes away from landfill.

The new Cub Scouts eco badge.

The new Cub Scouts eco badge.

The revised badge was launched earlier this month when over 50 Cub Scouts were selected to work alongside professional artists, Lloyd Warbey (Disney’s Art Attack) and Suzanne Lynas, to create a gigantic replica of the newly designed badge utlising only recycled materials.

The giant piece of art spanned nearly 2,500 sq ft, took over five hours to complete, and was made using clothes, shoes, and bedding which was generously donated by the attending Cubs and representatives from Scout Head Quarters.

The clothes were then shipped off to the Salvation Army’s sorting office where they will either be recycled or distributed to the charity’s numerous shops across the UK ready for ‘second chance’ purchase.

Environmental conservation now plays a vital role in the Cub Scouts movement. Youngsters wishing to obtain their unique badge must learn about and undertake activities across a broad spectrum of climate change subjects such as: actively reducing energy and water usage in their own homes and schools, studying renewable energy alternatives, and practicing responsible food/home waste recycling.

They must also complete various projects including planting a tree, tidying waste land, picking litter, making a natural bird feeder, and more.

Simon Carter, head of media for The Scouts said: “We are thrilled to be partnering up with the Salvation Army for the Environmental Conservation Activity badge.

“We have already had a significant number of groups signed up to take part, showing what a great asset this partnership will be for our membership, getting the chance to learn about a current issue that lots of our young people care about and equipping them with the skills to help.”

Scotland Cub Scout groups who wish to get involved with the Recycle with Michael initiative can visit to find out more.